"From weddings to event planning, Blomma Designs has always been one of the best. I met Erin when she helped coordinate, plan, and decorate my entire wedding, by far the best investment. From there I've loved seeing their work and have been so excited as Blooma Designs grew to more than just weddings. For my birthday I reached out to Erin and asked her about hosting a workshop. I had always wanted to attend one of the many wreath making workshops around town during the holidays but it never seemed to work with my schedule. She was incredibly easy to work with and went through the process of organizing the entire event. She made it easy for everyone to register and get details prior to, and provided all the supplies. She hosted a private workshop in honor of my birthday in her new downtown studio location, and was hands on helping us through the creative processes of wreath making. Not only was she a wonderful host, but the space was beautiful and every detail was planned and organized. I would highly recommend Blomma Designs for weddings, event planning, or private party planning!!"  - Debbie Shroyer