Event Design

At Blomma Designs we offer event designs services and custom installations.  This gives our couples unique and tasteful options for a wedding day that looks thoughtful, curated and professionally designed. Our clients come to us in search of ideas, inspiration and the tools to make their wedding day reflective of who they are.  It's easy to get lost in all of the details, to daydream unrealistically and to feel overwhelmed by the overload of information on social media and the internet.

We're here to help pull all of those ideas out of your head and put them into action.  Our design aesthetic can't be put in a box as we enjoy working with a wide variety of clientele.  One truth that we hold close to our hearts is that less is often more.  Understated, elegant, classic, whimsical, bohemian and modern are all genres that we feel comfortable creating in.

The end result is a beautifully curated event that is a genuine reflection of each of our couples.  Let us put everything together in a professional and thoughtful way to produce the setting you've been dreaming about!


How does this work?

If you've gotten this far, you're probably wondering how all of this works.  So what exactly is event design anyway?

Step 1 ~ You want a beautiful wedding, you are frequent Pinterest and Instagram and you have a vision in your mind of how you want your wedding to look.  Or maybe you just like pretty things and you want your wedding to gorgeous, but you're not exactly a Martha Stewart-esque DIY craftsperson.  Or maybe you're just a very busy professional who wants that gorgeous wedding you've been envisioning but you simply don't have the time. If you fit into any of these categories we are your people.

Step 2 ~ You are feeling lost in the process of finding items such as linens, the correct sized tents, chairs and other aspects that you know you need, but have no clue how or where to get them.  Or maybe you just don't have any idea what exactly you need in the first place!

Step 3 ~ You know you don't want to enlist your mom, bridesmaids and third cousin one removed to set up your wedding at 6am on the day of your wedding.  Can we be frank with you that this is SUCH a bad idea!

Step 4 ~ This is where we come in..................


Getting Started:

We will start with and initial consultation in our studio to cover the details such as your particular tastes, inspiration, color palette and any specifics pertaining to your venue. All the fun stuff! 

We will then create a curated design plan that is inclusive of any of your "musts" as well as our recommendations. We will move through 3 rounds of revisions before reaching our finalized design.  Designs will be finalized no later than 90 days prior to your wedding date to ensure we can make all of the necessary adjustments in time for your day to go smoothly.

At a Minimum Our Services Include:

  • Creation of inspiration boards and design concept
  • Sourcing of appropriate rentals and decor elements
  • Creation of tablescape designs and vignette designs
  • Coordination and communication of all vendors pertaining to design (rentals and decor)
  • Tailor made solutions based on each client's vision and needs
  • Set up on the day of the wedding - 2 staff for up to 6 hours of set-up at your venue.  We will handle the coordination of the design elements including equipment rentals, floral and any other decor logistics.  *please note this does not include wedding coordination, "Day Of Coordination" or communication with vendors not pertaining to design and decor elements.


A La Carte Options:


We offer a la carte solutions to our design package that can include:

  • Custom Decor - We build and make everything!  Arbors, seating solutions, farm tables, signage, invitations, place cards.  Personalizing these details is what makes us happy! We love to make each event stand out with unique and custom decor pieces.  As we move through the process we can discuss if any of these would be a good fit for your event.


  • Installations - Installations are our specialty!  If you want a few statement pieces or statement areas that stand out we can make your day come to life.  Whether it's hanging flowers from the ceiling, building backdrops for your ceremony or photos booth, creating custom areas for your dessert table or head table.  Learn more HERE.


  • Floral Services - We LOVE flowers and we are happy to offer floral services at an additional cost. Depending on the scope and style of your event, we may opt to guide you towards another floral vendor if it's not a good fit.  We can discuss this in detail during your booking process.