Sarah and AJ - Elegant Farm Wedding in Alaska

Sarah and AJ’s wedding is high up on our list and quite possibly one of our favorites! These two were married on the Groom’s family farm which made it all the more special. The Bride is originally from Florida and we connected almost instantly via our love of the finer details and the feeling that elegance pairs perfectly with wild Alaska.

We were honored to offer this couple full event design including floral and some very fun installations that hung in their reception barn. There are so many aspects that I loved about this day. The couple’s color palette, the juxtaposition of formal and casual and the deep roots of the farm that made this day so meaningful to their families coming together and celebrating their union. Prior to the wedding we spent a day on the farm cutting down trees that would then become their chuppa. We collected pieces of almost 100 year old wood for their signs. And we probably overstayed our welcome a few times because we just wanted to hang out with the cows in the pasture! We spent hours pining over the right florals and colors and textures that would look perfectly in place on the farm. It was nothing short of a delight.

We hope you’ll enjoy reliving this day through photos as much as we do. To Sarah and AJ - thank you for letting us be such a big part of this day and entrusting us with creating your wedding vision. We wish you many many years of love and adventure together!

Design/Floral/Installations/Decor - Blomma Designs

Photography - That Feeling Co.

HMUA - Hair by Jenn

Kat and Cameron

It doesn’t get much better than this. Kat and Cameron’s wedding day was just about perfect and perfectly them. They emulate kindness and are about as laid back as they come - and their families are just as kind and welcoming. They wanted their day to be dreamy, care free and just a little bit fairytale~esque. We won’t go too deep into their fairy tale, but the way they met and fell in love was by chance and is the kind of story where you know it’s meant to be.

Soft colors, dreamy flowers, the Bride’s cape and textural delights describe my favorite elements of this wedding day. We were able to see an old venue in a new light. We hope you’ll delight in these photos as much as we do! Congratulations to this sweet couple and we wish you many years of happiness together!

Photos - Erica Rose Photography

Planning + Design - Blomma Designs

Floral - Bloomsbury Blooms

Venue - Kincaid Chalet

Rentals - Special Events Alaska

Catering - Riza + Brown

Wedding Insurance - Why You Don't Want to Skip This Detail!

I once had a very wise philanthropist and entrepreneur tell me "You can never have too much insurance."  I feel this has been one of the most sage pieces of advice anyone's ever given to me.  When discussing details of a wedding I always recommend wedding insurance to all of my couples.  It's a safety net that gives everyone peace of mind knowing that if something goes awry, there is something in place to help protect the Bride, Groom and their families.

So, what exactly is wedding insurance and how does it work?  Let me break it down for you simply below:

What is wedding insurance?  

Generally wedding insurance can be broken into two categories.  The first would be general liability coverage.  This is so important because it protects you from being liable for property damage, bodily injury and MOST of these also include alcohol related accidents.  Be sure to read your policy carefully as you want to make sure that you are covered for "host" liquor liabilities or any accidents that may occur as a result of someone being served alcohol.  

The second facet of this insurance is cancellation or force majeure.  Generally this helps cover costs or losses if your wedding is cancelled due to an act of God, inclement weather or unforeseen circumstances.  Some of these policies also include loss or damage to items like your wedding dress, wedding rings or any other personal property.  Be absolutely sure to read through a policy before making a selection as you want to have a clear list of what is covered and what isn't.

Why should you obtain wedding insurance?

I guess the right question to really ask here is why wouldn't you get wedding insurance?  It's impossible to control all of the moving parts that go into planning and executing your wedding, including weather or the good (or bad) decisions that guests may make at your wedding.  This gives you more protection against disasters and bad decisions.  It is not, by any means, a fail safe product, but it helps ensure coverage to many possibilities of an inconvenient incident happening.


When should you get wedding insurance?

As soon as you start planning your wedding.  This insurance can actually cover you if something bad happens prior to the wedding that would cause you to cancel, reschedule or have to buy a new dress, etc.  Your policy will have a time frame so be sure that you buy an appropriate product that you feel comfortable with and it covers the items and situations that are most important to you.

How much will it cost me?

As a rule of thumb wedding insurance policies cost anywhere from $150 - $600 depending on the product you select.  Compare this to the cost of things like the venue, food, dress and flowers and it's a very small price to pay to cover you and help you recoup costs should something bad happen.

Things you should know:

Usually, but not always, your venue and some of your other vendors have their own insurance policies.  If they do, you should still obtain your own wedding insurance as their policies may not be as specific and cover as many items as your own personal policy will.  In this case, consider yourself covered even more should something bad happen.  And you should ALWAYS have bartenders that are licensed or certified in your state serving any of the alcoholic beverages.  Most problems arise from alcohol consumption and making sure you have a responsible, trained staff supervising is of the utmost importance.

Good resources for wedding insurance are, and