A Thanksgiving Table and an Abundance of Things To Be Thankful For

Thanksgiving is almost here.  Winter is our chance to slow down and reflect on the year.  With the Holidays just around the corner we have so many positives to look back on and so many reasons to give thanks.  This year was full of digging our heels in, hard work, sweat, a few tears and so very many smiles and fulfilling occasions.   We are thankful for our clients, who we now consider friends, all of the wonderful vendors that we work with, our opportunity to be work in this beautiful state and the ability to own our family business.

I'm sure so many of you are rushing around getting last minute groceries and picking up items for those finishing touches.  Recently we spent an afternoon with Erica Rose Photography dressing up the beautiful farm table that her husband hand crafted for her.  Both of us share a passion for entertaining and we wanted to put our creative minds together to capture a bit of holiday inspiration to share.  Here's a few tips to help you create your very own Thanksgiving table.  Enjoy!

- Use seasonal produce as decor.  It's bright, beautiful and reusable in the days that follow.  Here I used a mixture of Persimmons, Pomegranates, Pears, Clementines and seasonal Squash.  The impact is wonderful!

- Go outside and clip greens and branches.  It's free, beautiful and they smell delicious!  Lay them directly on your table to create a green and lush runner.

- Use a simple napkin fold with a fresh piece of produce at each place setting.  It gives your table pops of color and it's unexpected.  Here I used a Persimmon as it perfectly complemented the eggplant napkins and gold napkin ring.

- Order flowers from a local florist or pick up flowers at the market and make your own arrangement!  If you're crunched on time it's so easy to pre-order and pick up an arrangement from your favorite florist.  If you're adventurous than you can do it yourself.  Use bright colors and textures.  Pick items that look fresh and if you do a little bit of research ahead of time it will help you get seasonally appropriate flowers.

- Use candles and candle light to create a warm atmosphere.  I hate matching too much so I used a mixture of pewter, brass and crystal to give the overall aesthetic more depth.

- Create a desserts table or display.  Sweets are almost always pretty and an entire table full of them is even better!  They are a decoration in and of themselves.

- Buy wines, cheeses and sweets from a local shop.  It supports our small business community and guests appreciate something tasty from their favorite store.  Ask for pairings to get the most out of your options.

- Lastly, enjoy yourself!  The holidays are about gathering together to reflect, give thanks and enjoy the moment.  Pick a few key decor items and then relax and embrace the present!

Behind the Scenes - A Sneak Peak inside a Styled Shoot

Last week we worked with Erica Rose Photography to bring you images of a delightful holiday table setting.  Erica was kind enough to capture me in action.  Usually I make an immense attempt to stay OUT of photos as I've either been hauling tables and chairs across a field all day or lifting heavy things like it's nobody's business.  Not exactly great activities to do before you get your photo taken.  I spend so much time behind the scenes that it's nice to have the opportunity to capture these moments in photographs. They give a glimpse of me in my happy place creating and producing.  Each event is like a story that unfolds and takes on a life of it's own.   We spent the afternoon creating, laughing and sharing ideas all the while I had a sleeping baby on my back who later woke up to "help" take items off of our beautiful table.  I hope you enjoy these as much as I do!  Stay tuned for our "how to" set your holiday table post coming soon........................