Fun with Floral Crowns - Highlights from Our Celebrate Spring Workshop Series

Over the last two weeks we teamed up with Bloomsbury Blooms to host a series of workshops to Celebrate Spring!  These classes focused on the art of making floral crowns in two different styles.  They were great for anyone who loves crafting, DIY brides, photographers who like to use styling props and we even had a Dahlia farmer and Peony farmer attend!  The joy that we get from hosting these workshops make them seem like a lot more fun than work.  It's a positive way to bring people together to learn and create in a "no rules" atmosphere.  Sharing what you love with others has a way of refueling your creative juices and gives you a fresh outtake on life.  This was my favorite subject yet.  Maybe it's because we have more sunlight and signs of Spring, but I suspect it's because wearing a floral crown makes you feel like a beautiful princess even if it's just for the day!  Stay tuned for more workshop opportunities in the future.  Happy Spring my lovelies!