Giant Floral Balloons - A Fun Tutorial!

I've been seeing these glorious giant floral balloons all over and I had to try my hand at them!  They are so fun and whimsical.   They are great decor for weddings, showers, birthdays, photo booth props and so much more.  With a little bit of research, and some practice, we were able to construct one of these beauties and wanted to share it with you.  Here's how you can DIY this fun project:

Supplies:  You'll need 1-2 bunches of greens,  bright floral in 1-2 varieties, floral wire, snips and 36" round balloons in your desired color.

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Step one:  Build your floral garland.  First you'll want to decide how long you would like your garland to hang and then start piecing your garland together.  I pre-cut my greens into the length that I desired.  I also pre-cut my floral wire.  Then you simply start building your garland and use floral wire to secure the individual pieces together.  I used Israeli Ruscus and filled in with Plumosa to give more fullness to my garland.

Step two:  Hold up your garland up to ensure it's secured tightly and the length is correct.   I even gave mine a soft shake to make sure my greens were all attached securely.  Then decide where you would like to place florals.  I chose the top for my large Garden Roses and then dispersed the mini Mums throughout in small clusters.  I built the mini Mums in clusters of three and secured them together with floral wire before attaching to the garland.  Wherever you decide to place the floral, simply use your pre-cut floral wire to attach.  You can use your snips to trim down the floral stems after you attach them if they show. 

Step three:  After your garland is made and you're happy with the flower placement, attach the end of the garland to your balloon using floral wire.  Be VERY careful with the wire as you don't want to prick your balloon.   Hold up your balloon to make sure you don't want to make any adjustments.  When everything is nice and secure, you can snip the ribbon off of the balloon and voila, you have a gorgeous floral garland balloon!

Tips:  The 36" balloons take quite a bit of weight to stay out of the sky and not fly away.  I would recommend using heavier florals.  You'll want to test out how the balloon floats after you attach your garland.  If you decide you need a weight, you can conceal this with a large cluster of gorgeous flowers at the bottom and build these in after you've attached a weight.   I also think it's beautiful to have some that float and some that are secured.  Remember that balloons sway and turn so plan your design to be pretty from all angles without having a "front" or "back" side.  Once put together, these are fairly delicate.  If you're thinking of transporting your balloons, I would wait until you're at your end location to attach the floral garland to the balloon.

We hope we've inspired you to try this fun project at home for your next gathering!  Big thanks to Erica Rose Photography for spending an afternoon with us playing with balloons and thank you to the cutest of cute little boys, Levi, for modeling the whimsical fun that these balloons create!  I can only imagine the self control it took not to let this giant magical balloon float up and away into the sky!