A Blomma Designs Nursery Redoux

Talvi’s room is probably my favorite room in our entire house. Maybe it’s because she’s the baby in our family, or maybe it’s the labor of love that went into the wallpaper. Regardless, we often find excuses to spend time in her room.

We waited to redecorate her nursery until after she arrived. This was for many reasons, but I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m not aloud to decorate or choose paint colors when my hormones are wacky. That’s a long story for another day! I chose a simple, minimal and soft color palette for the nursery. We had some time to get to know our sweet Talvi Rue before creating her room, and this suits her perfectly. She’s a bundle of loving kindness and we all can’t get enough. Even her big sister if you can believe it!

A few things about the thought process and how I selected items. The hardest part of making any room feel whole or cohesive is the finishing touches. The wallpaper is the statement, and really we didn’t need to add much more as it warms up the room so nicely. We chose white walls to offset the floral pastels in the wallpaper, and soft white draping for her window and her closet. Again, spend the money on a smart closet system. You won’t regret it!

The Wallpaper: If you read our previous blog about Kiersa’s toddler room, you’ll know that we used an actual wallpaper product there. This room is different. The wallpaper you’re seeing is actually a custom made-to-size mural. It’s a semi-permanent peel and stick (although it is thicker and almost nicer than the wallpapers we have used in the past!). There was approximately a week of mudding, sanding, more mudding and more sanding to get this wall smooth. The curse of the late 60’s wall texture! From there we hung the paper that came in 4 large sheets. With the help of my dad, we almost had WWIII getting this hung because it is the stickiest substance on the planet. It was WORTH IT! And our marriage survived.

Little Details: As stated in my previous post, I like to add details that have meaning to any room in our house. The mini rocking chair was Matt’s when he was a baby. It’s circa the late 70’s and wonderful. Talvi loves to climb in and rock away! I made her a wall hanging from Homer Spit driftwood and scrap lace, silk ribbon and yarn. She was there when we picked up the driftwood on the beach and it’s a place that’s very meaningful to our family. The hung photo is the second of two (which I mentioned in the previous blog) that I purchase at an art museum in Minneapolis in my twenties. I knew they would grace the walls of my children’s rooms someday, and here they are. The bookshelves are one of my favorite details. It makes so much sense to save room and declutter your floor space by using hanging shelves.

Take a look around and we hope you’ll love her room as much as we do!


Wallpaper - Etsy.com

Crib/Changing Table - IKEA via Shop and Deliver by LuLu

Bookshelves - Amazon

Fine Art and Florals - Seeing Alaska in a Different Light

I'm always striving to challenge myself.  Move out of my comfort zone artistically and take a few risks.  Not only is it good for the soul, it's great for the learning process and keeping my mind fresh and always thinking of new ways to make our clients feel that their wedding is unique.  We teamed up with a group of talented women, and had some fun seeing Alaska in a different way for this shoot.  Our landscapes are magical, but there's also beauty in the rugged and industrial core of Anchorage.  It definitely has a certain grit to it that's almost like a reflection of living here.  It's harsh and wonderful all at the same time. This was all about the details and artistry, and it made my heart so very happy!

Photography - Anne Marie Moran

Florals - Blomma Designs and Bloomsbury Blooms

Gowns - Bateau Bridal Boutique - Truvelle Bridal - Theia Couture

HMUA - Mary Alice from Ebb Flo Hair Boutique

Models - Meghan Kim and Risha Toci

Mural - Justin Parsons

Venue - Blomma Designs Studio and Downtown Anchorage

Hanging Floral Hoops - A Tutorial With Alaska Knit Nat

Last Saturday we had the chance to get together with a few talented ladies for a fun lesson on how to make these fabulous hanging floral hoops.  Natasha from Alaska Knit Nat taught us all about this fun technique and Anne-Marie Moran was gracious enough to snap photos of the entire experience so that we can share it with all of you!  I love a reason to get together, learn something new and curate new relationships with fellow entrepreneurs.  We spent the afternoon learning all about how to make these sweet and whimsical hanging floral hoops, sipped coffee, did a whole lot of chit chatting and swapped many pieces of creative ideas amongst each other.

So what exactly, you may ask, would one use these fun creations for?  Well, I can think of about 100 uses!  If you are a DIY bride, these would be a fantastic way to dress up your ceremony or reception space.  You can easily hang these from a wedding arch, tent cross wires or gently tack them to a ceiling.  If you are hosting a bridal shower, baby shower or any wedding related gathering, I think these would be a wonderful way to surprise guests with unexpected and simple decor to dress up your home or space!  I know that I'll be hanging my floral hoop in our studio downtown for a few weeks, as the greens will last and I can replace the flowers with fresh if I like to give it a longer life.

For a full list of ingredients and the step-by-step instructions of how to construct your own hanging floral hoop, visit Natasha's blog post here.  Many thanks to Anne-Marie Moran for these lovely photos and spending the afternoon with us playing with flowers!