Kiersa's Toddler Room

A few weeks ago we posted a poll on Instagram to see if there was any interest in blogs sharing how we redecorated the two bedrooms in our home for our leading ladies. We had a great response so I wanted to share with you these two little pieces of heaven that we’ve created in our VERY basic home. We’ll start with Kiersa’s toddler room.

First of all, I’m a minimalist at heart. Especially when it comes to children. I feel that less is better and their little imaginations thrive when there isn’t an overabundance of trinkets and toys. I also appreciate my feet and not tripping over loads of junk everywhere in my home! Minimal and functional were extremely important aspects of this room.

When creating Kiersa’s space we wanted something appropriate for a toddler that was also a bit dreamy and whimsical. One of our favorite things to do is read books before bed, so her bed was a focal point as we spend so much time there everyday. Matt and I found a few “house bed” blueprints on Pinterest, and then we modified them a little bit so that she has a full size twin mattress to grow in to. Matt also reinforced the bed very well, as it’s frequently used as a jungle gym. I opted for sheer silk draping and twinkle lights at the head of the bed. It’s so dark during the Alaskan winter that it helps create a soft and cozy feel to her room when most of the day is spent in darkness.

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Her wallpaper makes me so HAPPY every single day. We chose one large accent wall for the wallpaper, and painted the remaining walls a softer bright pink. The wallpaper is a tough task when you have textured walls, so there were days upon days of applying mud, sanding, applying more mud and sanding. Thank you 1980’s said no one ever! This is not for the faint of heart but so so so worth it!

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Because we love minimal, we kept the rest of her room basic and functional. A simple bookshelf, dresser and we dressed up her closet just a bit. If I can give anyone a piece of advice, it is to invest in a smart closet system. It seems as if you can neatly fit three times the items in it and it always looks tidy. I enjoy being able to locate things when I need them - organization is the stuff that dreams are made of. Matching bins and soft sheer curtains (as opposed to doors) make the closet blend nicely with the room.

Last but not least, I’m a sucker for small details, textures and key pieces that make a room feel unique. If you can believe it, I purchased artwork about 10 years ago that I just knew would end up in my daughter’s room one day. Lo and behold, I held on to these pieces and one of them now hangs in Kiersa’s room with the other in her sister’s. We have a Dala horse as an homage to Matt’s heritage and the soft faux fur rug keeps your toes cozy. I made a hanging piece from scraps of ribbon, lace and silk and an embroidery hoop and I used drapery tassels to tie the sheer fabric around the bed. I get asked often where I get things, and usually I’ve just reimagined something simple and accessible to be used in a creative way. I’m so thankful for such a wonderful space to play, roughhouse and make memories in!

And there you have it! Thanks for following along on our adventures and I’ll be sharing Talvi’s nursery next. Follow along on Instagram and Pinterest for more ideas and inspiration.

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