Artful Winter Bouquet

We’re just getting back from spending a few weeks traveling in the desert, and it’s so hard to readjust to snow and the low gray clouds hanging overhead. I’m feeling so refreshed as an artist, a business owner, a mother and a friend. It’s funny how travel and time away have that effect on me. My feet are weary and tired, but my soul feels happy and full again.

We’ve been making changes at Blomma Designs and forging into new territory. It’s scary and vulnerable, but there is something so freeing about doing what you feel passionate about and letting those doors swing wide open while others close. We typically take the winter off after the whirlwind of summer, but I had a longing to create with all of the beautiful blankets of snow we’ve had this season. I used a new technique for this bouquet that will continue to be a work in progress. It was challenging, but very worth the effort. My ingredients were fresh, dried, and some in between - as that’s exactly where we are in the seasons. We’re in that funny time of the throes of desolate winter, but things are slowly giving signals that they will come to life soon enough. That was my inspiration for this. We’re caught in that feeling of “half life” in winter when the sun starts rising earlier, it seems like birds are singing again and there’s a promise that our world will open up into spring once again……….

Floral + Design + Styling - Blomma Designs

Photos - Anne Marie Moran Photo

Gown - Willowby Watters c/o Bateau Bridal Boutique

Topper - Miss Stella York

HMUA + Model - Crystal Urban