Eloping in Alaska - Beauty, Accessibility and Ease

Alaska is becoming ever more popular as a destination wedding spot for couples who want to elope.  We love so many things about elopements and wanted to share why!  We see this trend gaining more popularity as each season goes by.  Whether you're local to Alaska or are looking for something more adventurous and outside of the norm, Alaska has a vast expanse of possibilities that are easily accessible for eloping.   You might have to hop on a helicopter or lace up your hiking boots, but if you're up for a bit of adventure and fun this is the way to go!

So what exactly is so great about eloping?  For starters, couples who opt to elope typically don't want to get consumed with the little details that can become unavoidable when you are planning a party for 150+ guests.  It's just like planning a wedding but on a much smaller and simpler scale.  With our couples we still like them to have a bouquet, wedding cake, champagne and other items to make the day stand out and not feel typical, but the pressure is a little bit less and there are less people involved that we have to wrangle.  We set up all of our elopement packages so that all the couple has to do is show up and enjoy the moment.  This is especially helpful for those coming from out of state as we make sure to fit them with vendors and locations that are the most ideal in each situation!

Secondly, the photography opportunities are amazing with elopements!  Because the guest count is so small most couples invest a large portion of their budget on hiring a phenomenal photographer.   We HIGHLY recommend that photography is a priority and that each couple takes advantage of the opportunities we have in Alaska to fly, boat or hike into a wondrously beautiful setting! 

Thirdly, not everyone wants a big wedding.  Sometimes couples elope because they want a private ceremony and then they go on to have a larger reception at a different time.  Sometimes couples want something low pressure and low key and come to Alaska to have an amazing experience and vacation in the days that follow their elopement.   For many of our couples this may not be their first marriage and they've done the big wedding before.  Whatever the reason, we love Alaskan elopements because of their beauty, ease and the focus on the couple in each intimate setting.

If you're considering eloping in Alaska you can find more information on our different packages here.  Many thanks to Joe Connolly at Chugach Peaks Photography for these beautiful photos!

All photos provided by Joe Connolly at Chugach Peaks Photography