A Valentine's Day Brunch With Lots of Love Goin' Round

I'm always a bit of a curmudgeon about Valentine's Day.  Don't get me wrong.  I love love.  I love everything about love.  I think Valentine's Day always leaves me with a little bit of a lacking feeling for authenticity.  I like getting flowers and chocolates out of the blue as a surprise,  not because it's obligatory on a specific holiday.   Pondering this a bit made me realize this is probably due to the fact that I show love through acts of service and quality time.  If you know anything about The 5 Love Languages then you'll know exactly what I'm talking about!  I'm not really in to giving or receiving lots of gifts.  So this year I've focused on showing those I care for deeply just how important they are to me through these very languages.  

Earlier this week we spent the afternoon with Kristian Irey setting a Valentine's Day themed brunch in my home.  It was wonderful!  My mother was able to share in the experience, which meant so much to me.  Our daughter was able to flutter about in the way that she so magically (and rambunctiously) does, thoroughly enjoying strawberries and heart shaped shortbread cookies all the while.  Another dear friend stopped by for tea and I sent both her, and my mother, home with fresh flower arrangements for their Valentines.  I even packaged up a few sweets and forced Kristian to take them home with her.  It was a day filled with good company and good food.  Just how I like it.

I had so much fun putting together a bright and happy color scheme for this particular day with pink, fuchsia, teal and gold hues!  I used much of my own collection of items with a mixture of a few splurges that I couldn't resist.  I was able to source almost everything right here in Anchorage as I wanted to make this easily duplicatable.  If you're thinking of putting on your own Valentine's Day brunch I'll mention a few easy tips. Use bright colored foods that match your theme and color palette.  I used tangerines and strawberries as they are happy fruits and are bold and colorful.  I love using cake stands for height to make self serve fruit towers or you can put sweet items on them like Danish and donuts.  I found a very yummy grapefruit Italian soda at a local grocery store.  Not only tasty but also looked ever so cute in champagne glasses at each setting.  I opted for a small array of pink hued flowers that are easily found at any store in Anchorage and easy on the pocket book.  If you're brunching this Sunday I hope these lovely photos offer inspiration.  And most importantly, I hope your Valentine's Day is filled with love and the company of those most dear.  Enjoy!

Photo Credits - Kristian Irey