Rustic Romance - The 2016 Anchorage Wedding Fair

It's hard to believe that January is already here and passing us by so quickly!  Last weekend we were able to do something we absolutely love.  Build something beautiful and share it with others.  We had so much fun at the Anchorage Wedding Fair seeing lots of familiar faces and meeting many new couples and their friends and families!

Every year after the holidays our house has a little bit of a creative buzz happening.  It's because we know we get the chance to design something totally unique and of our own artistic accord.  It's something we consider "le cool."  No guidelines aside from the 10ft by 10ft dimensions of our booth.  Matt went a little crazy and built a beautiful walnut farm table and an arbor this year.  No complaints here as now I'm enjoying this table in my dining room.  (And yes, I'm swooning.)  We wanted to capture both elegance and romance but still keep some of the rustic and woodsy elements that speak so well to Alaskans.  My favorite design strategy is combining delicate and soft aspects alongside rougher details.  Our booth had plenty of roses, soft florals, greenery and antique candles.  Pops of the Blush color palette were incorporated without going overboard.  Sometimes I just love the simplicity of creams and whites without much more.  My absolute favorite thing?  The live green spongy and leafy garland that we used as a table runner.  It spanned from end to end and curled nicely on the floor.  I'm fairly certain I could have this at home every single day of my life and be happy!   And I should mention that I fulfilled my need to wear a flower crown.  I'd wear one everyday if it was socially acceptable.  Think what you will.  This year the talented Erica Rose Photography stopped in and graciously took photos for us.  Thank you to Erica and all of the great people we met this year!  We hope your planning journey is fun and your wedding fabulous!