How One Idea, and One Very Large Table, Changed the Course of an Event

When Nicole called me almost two years ago, she was planning her wedding in Alaska all the way from Colorado.  She needed help executing her vision and making her and Sam's dream of a completely intimate, adventure filled experience come to life.  They chose Alaska as their wedding destination because of it's allure of large mountains, glaciers, an abundance of fish, it's endless hiking trails and the ever elusive Denali.  They only invited 14 guests, all of whom are immediate family, and rented out the Alaska Heavenly Lodge in Cooper Landing.  When we were discussing how to create something that felt together, close, warm and welcoming we could only envision that everyone would be seated at one table enjoying one another and being able to laugh and share stories together.  It was the idea of togetherness.  I thought long and hard, and with Nicole's input it was decided that my husband Matt would build one VERY large farm table.  How large?  Five feet by twelve feet to be exact.  It was crafted out of Sitka Spruce as it was important that we used locally sourced wood.  It was sanded, stained, then sanded again.  It was kept safe and warm in our garage for many nights and sometimes we even snuck out to admire it and imagine how fun it would be to set an entire wedding at one single beautiful table.  Bloomsbury Blooms constructed a chandelier made entirely of flowers (about 60 pounds to be exact!) that splendidly hung from the ceiling over the center and we created a lush and green table runner to make it feel alive.  Lace, pewter, brass and silk all came together to turn this table from simple wood into a beautiful masterpiece!  Because of the hours of planning, building and dreaming that went in to this, it truly felt magical when the final product was revealed.  The realization that friends, family, laughter and togetherness are what weddings emulate was felt by all.  Thank you Relic Photographic for capturing the essence of this event so wonderfully!