Seating Chart How To's

Do you know how many guests can be seated comfortably at a table?  Or do you know how many tables can fit comfortably into a space?  This is one of the biggest mistakes I see couples making. Trying to fit too many guests at a table or too many tables into a venue can literally ruin the wedding!  No one has fun being jam packed like sardines into a space and the service staff can have trouble just doing their job.  Make sure you are following some of these guidelines:

  • See our diagrams below for table seating space, or refer to a professional diagram you've found.
  • Make sure each guest table has 4 feet of space in between.  This is sufficient for your service staff to move about and service each table.
  • If you are using tents, plan on leaving enough space between the tent walls and where the guests will be sitting.  If it's windy or rainy, seating people flush to a tent wall can be a cold and unpleasant experience!
  • Use your venue contact!  Many times they can create professional or digital floor plans and they know the space better than anyone.  Ask for their advice and trust what they say.

See the seating diagram below for some helpful visuals: