'A Bountiful Table' Workshop Highlights

This was the very first time I've had the pleasure of being involved in a floral and design workshop.  Let me I just say that I'm hooked!  It's something I've wanted to do for a long time and finally took the plunge.  We teamed up with Dallas from Bloomsbury Blooms to give a small interactive class that included instruction on making a Fall/Winter floral arrangement and different ways to dress up your Thanksgiving table.   The pretense for the class was that we both hoped to show our attendees ways to use common items that can be found around the house, foraged and purchased locally to create a beautiful setting at home.  Dallas shared good tips for using a mixture of seasonal branches and greens found in all of our backyards and purchased items.  I focused on showing three different ways to use common household goods and items found at the local grocery or crafts store to create place cards and unique place settings.  

The absolute best part about this evening was the energy and creativity that abounded!  All of the participant's arrangements were so individual and unique.  It was fun to see them unfold as we all had the same ingredients but no two were identical.  When making our place cards everyone shared ideas and a few of the ladies put an awesome twist on theirs to make them stand out.   Everyone was sharing about past holiday parties, their plans for this year and lots of story telling and laughing happened amid the clinking of tea mugs (that may or may not have had champagne in them).  A big thanks to Erica Rose Photography for capturing this through the lens and many thanks to all of the women who came together to create and contribute to our class!